Getting Started

A general outline of our estate planning process:

Schedule an appointment for a consultation. Upon confirmation of the appointment,  it is most effective for you to complete our proprietary Estate Planning Questionnaire in order for us to make the most efficient use of our meeting time together. You can access the questionnaire here or at the bottom of this page. See instructions about how to complete and remit the questionnaire below prior to your appointment.

Attend the initial meeting to discuss your financial situation and your estate planning goals. Based on this information, we will recommend estate planning options and inform you of the flat-rate fees for each option.

Sign our engagement letter specifying the services that we will provide and the applicable flat-rate fee. We will not exceed the quoted fee without your express permission. Once we receive the signed engagement letter, we will prepare first drafts of your estate planning documents and mail them to you for review.

Review your draft estate planning documents and contact us to discuss your questions and comments. We will prepare your final documents and schedule a time for you to sign them.

Attend a brief meeting to execute the documents. The fee is due at the signing meeting or within 15 days of receiving your draft documents. We will provide you with instructions for addressing any remaining details of your specific plan and follow up with you to confirm that your plan is complete.

It’s that easy. At the Law Office of JANE FRANKEL SIMS, we encourage our clients to address their estate planning goals by making the legal process as straightforward as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns welcome your call. 410.828.7775

Estate Planning Questionnaire download

Estate planning Questionnaire Directions 

Step 1 – Complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability

Step 2 – Save to your desk top in a file

Step 3 – Either fax the questionnaire  to our offices at: 410-828-7779 Attention Jane Sims,  email the document to Jane Sims at : or print it out and bring it with you.